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The monthly Parish Council meetings are open to every active, registered member of St. Joseph's Parish.


The St. Joseph's Parish Council is a consultative body whose primary role is to share expertise with the Pastor so that he may make prudent, informed decisions. Additionally, the Parish Council has the pastoral responsibility to oversee the coordination and supervision of all ministries within the Parish that affect, guide or serve the Parish family.


A primary duty of each Council member is dedication to the following Parish Mission Statement:


We are St. Joseph's Parish of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City - a member of the living Body of Christ. We come together sharing a faith in God. We come together as followers of Jesus, Son of God and Savior of the World.


It is our mission as a Parish to continue the Ministry of Jesus, the Son of God and our Brother, under the guidance and with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We desire God's will to become operative in our Parish so that His Kingdom will live and grow each day in our lives and in the life of the world around us.


We shall call upon our God for perseverance in the daily pursuit of our mission and rely on His Sacred Word and the Sacraments for direction and guidance.


Both elected and appointed Council members represent the members of St. Joseph's Parish. The officers of the Parish Council are the President, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Secretary. The Pastor serves as the Council President. In consultation with the Council Chair, the President determines the agenda for all meetings. The Pastor also appoints a maximum of two Parish Council members. A Permanent Deacon also serves on the Council and provisions are made for membership for an Associate Pastor and Youth Delegate. Six elected-at large members serve terms of three years. Each year, two of the six elected positions are filled through Parish election. The three remaining officers, Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary are elected from the voting members of the council. The Parish Council of St. Joseph's welcomes your participation.




  Fr. N. A. Thomas, Rita Ille (2020), Toni Frioux-Appointed (2019), Michelle Pico (2020), Becky Isaacs (2021), Brad Forshee (2020), Deacon Angelo Lombardo (2020), Lisa Todd (2020), Deacon Randy Hearn- ex-officio, Father Joseph Irwin