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Short-Term Counseling

Many of us will find ourselves facing situations in our lives that seem hopeless or beyond our control. Without a way to understand and face these situations, they can adversely affect our lives. 


Catholic Charities offers a wide range of counseling services in English and Spanish to help those dealing with such issues, providing ways to cope with problems and overcome them. We provide professional counseling to allow opportunities for therapeutic change and growth with an atmosphere of acceptance and caring in alignment with Catholic Social Teachings.


We offer short-term counseling, up to six sessions at no cost, for individuals, families, and couples in Oklahoma City and select rural communities


We adhere to the ethical standards of helping professions within the State of Oklahoma. Confidentiality is required by law. Mandatory reporting is required by law in certain situations such as child abuse and risk of hurting self or others.


We are glad to have a partnership with Catholic Charities and have counseling available right here on campus. A counselor is here every other Tuesday in the Catholic Charities building across from the Church.  Please call 405-524-0969 to make a referral or schedule an appointment.