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Stewardship Is A Way of Life Obligation


We do not like to hear about the obligations of the Catholic Church.  For example, mass each Sunday, Confession at least once a year or when you have committed a mortal sin, Holy Days of Obligation and the need to assist in the financial needs of your parish.  If we haven’t made these Catholic practices a “way of life”, then when we hear the word ‘obligation’, we turn away.  Stewardship in the Church is not about an obligation, but more about a way of living the faith that has been freely given.  God has given us the Church and it belongs to Him.  In trust, and cooperation with divine grace, we are co-workers with God in the church.  We receive the call daily to serve and offer our time, talent and treasure.  We do this not to get something in return, but to grow in the spiritual goods of trusting God, relying on the Lord and knowing that the gift of my time or money will truly help the work of the Church.  


I want to thank all who organized the wonderful celebration honoring all our volunteers here at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  I want to thank all our volunteers, your efforts and your love for the parish inspire me to be a better priest.  Thank you to all who provide for the needs of the parish each week and month so that we can keep the lights on, pay our employees and continue the mission of the Church.  Thank you for your generosity and love for your parish.  Our purpose is to Proclaim Jesus Christ.  The offering of our lives in service to God and our neighbor, this is the way Jesus taught us to be Disciples.  As we move forward I ask you to continue this great service to St. Joseph’s.  Increase your giving.  Volunteer for a ministry.  Spend more time in Eucharistic Adoration.  Grow in your knowledge and love of Jesus, the one who has given us everything.     


Fr. Irwin