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Grand Knight: Robert Morton

Deputy Grand Knight: Steve Richichi


First Tuesday of every month: Membership Meeting, Rm. 211

Third Tuesday of every month: Officers Meeting, Rm. 211
Second Sunday of every month (except during Lent): Parish Breakfast, Metter Room

The Knights of Columbus are a family fraternal organization available to Catholic men age 18 and over. The principles of our order are Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism. We wholeheartedly support the values of family, priesthood, and right to life. Some of the things we do here in our parish reflect these principles either directly or indirectly. 

Our council assists other ministries such as youth and religious education so that they can better serve all parishioners. We conduct monthly fund-raisers and the majority of our funds stay within the community. Our projects are such that every member of a family can participate.  Aside from our donations to the parish and community, we also provide a scholarship fund a seminarian student. However, our most abundant gift is ourselves. 


Our members generously donate their time, talent, and treasure. Once a year we stand outside of Wal-Mart to solicit pocket change which all goes toward organizations which assist the mentally handicapped. Also, we spend Halloween night at St. Joseph's cemetery to prevent vandalism. We provide the manpower to keep the grounds and buildings of the parish in good shape. Knights of Columbus dues support not only the state and national Catholic issues but also the Pope in his message to the world. 


Our council is chartered; we meet monthly and have officers. We are a small organization but we are one of the most active ministry in our Parish, our members serve in just about every ministry of the parish. Above all, being a Knight is answering a call to serve. If you are interested in joining the Knights of Colombus, contact Bob Morton at  405-371-3577


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Upcoming Knight Sponsored Events


Knights Knotes

Thanks to all that have joined and have shown an interest in joining the St. Joseph’s Knights of Columbus. If you are wanting to join online please go to and fill out the information. Don’t forget to input our Council #12819. If you have any questions please contact Deputy Grand Knight Steve Richichi @ 405-694-1151.

Nov. 2 – Knights will serve dinner at the Bingo Games

Nov. 4 – Knights Breakfast (moved 1 week early due to Thanksgiving Dinner on the 11th)