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Chair and Contact Person: Rita Ille (405) 321-1376


The Women’s Club

The Women’s Club of St. Joseph, originally titled as the Ladies Altar Society, was formed in 1894. This club is dedicated to providing services to the parish as well as a spiritual community for its members. We currently have approximately 100 members, many of whom are also members of three guilds that work within the club: St. Bridget, St. Monica and St. Veronica. The Women’s Club provides many services to the parish community.


Since 1902, members of Women’s Club have provided meals for family and friends after a funeral mass. Members visit retirement centers to visit parish members and offer communion. The Women’s Club assists in purchasing the bread and wine for all church services as well as other altar needs. We maintain the vigil lights, host receptions for Confirmation, Easter Vigil, First Holy Communion and other special occasions.


A Prayer Network has been organized for the sick and those in need of spiritual support. We grant funding and support BirthChoice, St. Vincent de Paul, Deeds of Love, our Youth Group and other charities within the community. Annually, we award a $500 Scholarship to a graduating high school senior from the parish. The Women’s Club is completely self-supporting in all of the services we offer to the parish. We raise funds through activities including the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, hosted since 1920, collecting receipts from Wrights IGA stores and the Thrift Shop. We thank you for supporting our fund raising efforts over the years. 


 St. Bridget Guild

It is believed that Brigid (Bridget) was born into slavery and was later converted to Christianity by St. Patrick sometime in her childhood. Brigid’s only desire was “to satisfy the poor, to expel every hardship and to spare every man, woman and child.” Her Feast Day is February 1. She is patron saint of newborn babies and unwed mothers. 


St. Bridget Guild has been an active part of St. Joseph’s Women’s Club since 1973. The guild meets in the home of our members on the second Monday of the month, September through May. All three Catholic Churches of Norman are represented in the guild. We assist in Women Club functions including the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Thrift Shop, all receptions and community needs. Members of St. Bridget donate gifts and cash to Birth Choice on a regular basis. 


We are truly “Sisters in Christ”. We offer..... a shoulder to lay one’s head upon, arms to embrace, tears to share, hands to hold, words to comfort, prayers and our hearts......Please join us in our sisterhood.


St. Monica Guild

In the late 1950’s, a few of the young adult family members of St. Ann’s Sewing Circle of the St. Joseph Altar Society formed a young service oriented guild called St. Monica. St. Monica was a mother who prayed long and hard for conversion of her son, Augustine, to Christianity. He is now a saint. 


In the 1970’s, the St. Joseph Altar Society changed the name to St. Joseph Women’s Club. St. Monica Guild changed with the times. Now 46 years later, two of the charter members, Eloise Adams and Jo Anne Miller, continue as active members. Through the years, St. Monica has been of service to the parish by accepting all Women’s Club rotation of duties.


Meetings are held the first Monday following the Women’s Club meeting. They are held at 12:30 in the Metter Room of the Parish Center. Come and enjoy spiritual as well as social fellowship!


St. Veronica Guild

The guild was named for St. Veronica, a pious matron of Jerusalem who accompanied Christ to Calvary and offered a towel on which He left the imprint of His face. This event is commemorated in the Sixth Station of the Cross.


Our main functions are to assist the Women’s Club with our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, provide workers for our Thrift Shop and host receptions following First Communion, Confirmation and Easter Vigil. 
We help unite the women of our Catholic community in friendship, fellowship and promote participation in church activities. 

We choose Birth Choice as our annual project. We have a baby gift shower at Christmas and donate our monetary guild proceeds in the spring. 


Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month in the Metter Room. We have a varied membership and invite new members to come to our meeting and enjoy the fellowship!